Triax is an innovative light construction system which revolutionises the process of designing, manufacturing and installing waterproof shade structures.

Versatile and effective

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Tension membrane or steel clad, simple or complex, large or small… no matter the project, Triax products can help you streamline every step of the way – reducing costs, eliminating problems and producing a higher quality finished product.

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About Triax

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Simple. Better.

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Creating an ideal waterproof external shade structure presents different challenges whether you’re an owner builder, shade installer or architect.

Triax provides a much simpler and more flexible solution for all three by eliminating many of the costs and difficulties encountered when designing a traditional, welded frame structure.

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What is the Triax system

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The heart of the system is our original multipurpose T50 bracket for use with standard 60.3mm (50NB) steel tube. Two T50s placed back to back form a joint which is free to rotate in three axes and be permanently fixed in any position. A full range of components are available to complement and expand on this original innovation, offering a complete solution to create a highly refined and professional final product.



Allowing structural members to be permanently joined at any angle, on site, without welding, Triax structures can be custom tailored and built with exacting precision in a fraction of the time and with none of the hassle of a fully welded or prefabricated structure. With our easy guidelines, anyone can design a robust custom structure ready to be wind rated and certified.

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Find out more about our innovative waterproof shade building system: 1300 574 241

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